2021 European Rainbow Gathering in France.

Update about the 2021 European Gathering:
0. Dear Family of Love and Light.
1. How to get info about the 2021 European Gathering in France?

Update 5 July 2021, 23.00 CEST.

From Bas Roufs, Utrecht, NL, for the rest of the Rainbow Family.

Dear Family of Love and Light.

Let’s start with the basics about the 2021 European Gathering in France. It will officially start already at this New Moon Saturday: 10 July 2021. till New Moon, Sunday 8 August 2021. The Full moon moment will be on the early Saturday morning 24 July 2021, a bit after 4.30 in the morning. So, I presume the full moon celebration will start on Friday 23 July 2021.

Because of various reasons, we do not publish location info openly on a web page. If you want to get info about the 2021 European Gathering, mail to us the following info:

your name;

your mail address;

your mobile nr..

Do you already have a connection with the Rainbow Family? Briefly tell about it.

Will the 2021 European Rainbow Gathering your first Gathering? Tell briefly why you want to join it.

One of the focalisers “behind” this address “findwayhome@rainbowgathering.eu” will reply you as soon as possible.

Finally – too many personal messages and phone calls are coming in now. Please, only mail to this address:


Do you want to help info-focalising or building up this website? Please, write to


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